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Sounds strange, eh? It might if you are content with just the tuna fish roll and have never experienced fishing as a sports, so you can visit www.BassMaster.com for more details. Ask anyone who has gone fishing and they can ascertain that it is fun no matter how pathetic you are at the actual game.

It’s a perfect way of taking a break from the strains of your sporadic routine and of having some really quiet moments to rewind your life and reflect on the past. While it may seem a quiet sport, it is fraught with excitement and adventure. The rush and the thrill you feel when you are after a wild fish is in itself a great reward of engaging in this sport. A UNIFIED VOICE OF BASS FISHERMEN

‘There is more to catching fish than just fish’

If you want to enjoy fishing to the fullest and be part of the most accomplished angler community log on to www.bassmaster.com and get ready to dive into the world of bass fishing. Bassmaster is the place where anglers from all over the globe share their passion for bass fishing and participate in exciting tournaments.

The Bassmaster Tournament Trail and the Bassmaster Classic are recognized as world’s leading fishing championships and thousands of people make their way to the coliseums to watch the game. Bassmaster is also the pioneer of the ethics of ‘Catch and Release.’ Now the majority of the bass anglers practice it in the world and of many other environment conservation programs.

www.BassMaster.com – TIPS FOR BEGINNERS

Are you new to fishing? No clue where to start? Need to start from the scratch? Bassmaster has it all you need to know about the Bass fishing. Just go to ‘Tips’ section and check out brilliant videos on every aspect of the sports such as understanding the current, tying the knot, choosing the right line, spinnerbait selection and a lot more.

BassMaster Membership

BASS MASTER membership allows for a more exhilarating angling experience. Just go to ‘Join’ icon at the top of the home page, click ‘Join B.A.S.S’, a new page appears where you can choose from the following membership programs:

  • 1 year membership for $15
  • 3 year membership for $65
  • 5 year membership for $100
  • LIFE membership for $450

The benefits of Bassmaster membership include Bassmaster magazine, membership kit, automatic entry into monthly prizes, exclusive member discounts, and special offers from Bassmaster. You also receive free gifts when you join Bassmaster which include B.A.S.S Tackle Bag, B.A.S.S Logo Cap, Bassmaster Tips Books and an Ultimate Techniques DVD.


Never miss out on your favorite Bassmaster tournament; check out the schedules and details for all the Open, Elite and Classic championships in the Tournaments section.

Get Bass Times

Subscribe for BASS TIMES by filling out a simple form and get 50% off the retail rate on your favorite magazine. The BASS TIMES features some amazing content on BASS biology, detailed coverage of BASSMASTER tournaments and handy tips and techniques to maximize your catch.

Get  A Chance to Fish With Gerald Swindle

Want to fish with the 2016 Bassmaster Angler of the year ‘Gerald Swindle’ and a chance to win a prize worth $32,500? Here it is: just enter in to the sweepstakes by filling out a form available on the web page. You must have practiced bass fishing for the last two years to be eligible for entry. Even the non-member folks can apply without paying any additional charges.


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